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Post by jodiek » Sat Dec 08, 2012 4:31 pm


This is my first post because I am really hung up on this session. I've moved on and am on session 6, but I keep coming back to the positive self-talk because I know that's where I am still hung up.

My question is, in the session there's (what seems to me) a massive contradiction. There is the woman that talks about her heart attack which was caused by her stress. Then, towards the end Lucinda says something, as far as calming yourself down, to say something like 'I'm not having a heart attack. It's anxiety and it's going to go away.' Well, the thing I keep thinking is what if that woman had tried to say that to herself? She was actually having a heart attack!

This is the problem I'm having. As I try to 'talk' myself into doing things, I feel like somewhere deeper down I know what I'm saying to myself isn't true or is only a band-aid over a big problem. I'm not sure how to get past this...

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Re: Contradictions

Post by coachchris » Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:50 am

Hi Jodie,

This is Coach Chris from the coaching team here at Stress. I had this same thinking problem too. There is always that 1% chance that there is something wrong and we mull that around over and over again. It's hard for us to let go of the
whatifs'. It's a lot about 'control.' Pay close attention to the negative thinking themes in lesson three. Lucinda talks a lot about the 'all or nothing' and 'negative predicting.' Once we can take more ownership of the negative patterns we repeat we can be more assertive with ourself and move on.

Another thing I do is take good care of myself and get my checkups so that I can tell myself, 'I am a healthy woman.' Then I choose to keep telling myself that, especially when I hear other stories around me that can draw me in and start the negative thinking.

The good news is that your awareness is good. Lessons 8, 9 and 10 are going to be very helpful too.

Please keep us posted. We are here to help :)
Coach Chris

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Re: Contradictions

Post by Sharon120 » Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:16 am


This is my first time on here and I just began the program. I too have the same concerns as Jodie and started really worrying after hearing the woman on the CD talking about her heart attack and it being a direct result of stress. This scares me terribly as I have these racing heart episodes daily and have had them since I was 43....I am now 48. Everyone keeps saying that no one has ever died from a panic attack but what about the effects our panic attacks have on our hearts long term?

I had panic/anxiety all my life...then suddenly at the age of 27, I no longer suffered from them...that freedom lasted 16 years and then BAM, one night when I was awakened out of a deep sleep with my heart going 200 bpm....from that night on, I have these episodes often, sometimes nightly, sometimes 3 times a night and sometimes I can go weeks or months without a problem...I know believe I suffer nocturnal (spelled wrong, sorry) panic attacks. I also get them throughout the day...sometimes with stress, when I'm worried, freaking out about something and sometimes they will come out of the blue when I don't really believe I'm worried about anything...there's no rhyme or reason for them. I read all the time how a racing heart from this flight or fight response isn't going to hurt your heart but after hearing about this woman's heart attack at such a young age, I'm a little concerned. I love your program and it really is helping me alot. My panic attacks are fewer now and I'm learning better ways to cope and deal with them as they come. Just wanted a little feedback or information regarding the heart and the ill effects from all these panic attacks over the years. Thank you.

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