Time flies onto session 3

Learn how to comfort yourself, encourage yourself, and like yourself. This session is chock-full of POWERFUL tools for taking charge and changing your life for the better.
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Time flies onto session 3

Post by Maggiepie » Mon May 23, 2016 11:13 pm

Well, I am dating when I do the sessions, thank goodness, because I cannot believe one month has passed between session 2 and session 3.
I have made 3 goals for this week and one already for next week. Need to stop making too many feeling overwhelmed! :)
I actually didn't recognise that some of the comments we make are negative. In my mind sometimes it's just truth. For eg Bad marriages.... well they were in my mind.... I tend to marry bad haha... see negative right there. What I have realised is that I tend to make things work even when the other party doesn't want it anymore. Ahhhhh, ding ding. For eg I am dating a guy right now, great guy, but he pushes my buttons and flares my anxiety levels to new heights. He was fantastic for the first 6 months and now have realised he lied to me about certain things in the beginning. Not just putting on your best frock to go out on a new date kind of thing, but out and out lies. And realised that is what I do, I try and fix things, because in my mind they were like that before why can't they be like that now. So it is up to me to walk away from it and go well you know what you aren't the guy for me after all. It is a repeated pattern with me, even putting up with abusive relationships in the past because they weren't like this when we met...........
Hmm I can see my thinking is changing already... must stick with this course. Not leave it for a month at a time! hopefully i am on the right track.

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Re: Time flies onto session 3

Post by coachchris » Tue May 31, 2016 11:21 am

Hi Maggie,

Wow what great awareness you are having!
I loved lesson 3 because it taught me to hear lies and truths.
I think I also hear you doing the same.

Maybe your lie is: "I have to make this relationship work because I can't be alone or fail again."
If that is the lie...what is your truth??

How's lesson 4 going? I would love to hear some of your 'shoulds' :)

Looking forward to your reply,
Coach Chris

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