Coaching Comments Lesson 4

Do you have such high expectations of yourself and others that you’re constantly disappointed? Learn how to have realistic, reasonable expectations and be happier than you’ve ever been before.
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Coaching Comments Lesson 4

Post by coachchris » Fri Sep 28, 2018 9:59 am

Life will endlessly throw challenges in our path. The daily choice to use our resilience and our core strengths to tackle these challenges will determine our level of happiness. We need to see problems as temporary and not take them personally.

We will learn we are able to conquer hardship one thought at a time.
Incorporate these into your life:

1. Choose Thankfullness
2. Cultivate mindfulness…be fully present in each moment. Train yourself to be here and now.
3. Write down your thoughts and change them to the truth. Are they facts or beliefs? Change your thoughts and change your destiny.
4. Live in the state of FLOW, which is being so involved in an activity that nothing seems to matter.
5. Practice forgiveness, which leads to inner happiness, and our capacity to love grows.
6. Practice self-discipline – do not over-eat and drink. We will strengthen our mind, body, soul and self-image by refraining from too much alcohol and food.
7. Simplify Your Life – restore a sense of balance. Try to do less, worry less, own less, and push yourself less.
8. Exercise regularly – we produce natural endorphins that make us feel happier. It increases strength, clears the skin, and increases self-esteem.
9. Give Your Love freely to others. And spend time with those you love and those who love you.
10.Love and accept yourself. (The magic wand that
dissolves problems) Loving yourself cancels out the
fear to love others.

“You are enough” Look at your experiences as GIFTS. They have helped you evolve. We are masters, not victims. Take responsibility for getting in touch with love, (and loving yourself) joy and your passions. You “will then transform your life.

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Re: Coaching Comments Lesson 4

Post by riggsl » Sun Oct 14, 2018 8:25 pm

Is anyone using this support network. It seems all of the posts are very old. Just wondering who's out there?

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Re: Coaching Comments Lesson 4

Post by Kucek » Mon Oct 22, 2018 10:52 pm

Hi Riggs, I am still here! I read the posts a few times a week and am praying for healing and recovery for us all! This is my third time for the program the first time it was the worst, I was practically bedridden for six months. It sure didn't seem to get any worse than that, I was probably one of the worst ( or least in the top five LOL!) With the program, God and a great nurse practitioner I went into remission for five long years. Then I had a was short-lived lived, thank God, a few months.

Now fifteen years later I'm going thru it again, very slowly, I had a few months coaching with Coach Chris ( she is remarkable very good) I think what's delaying my recovery was a year long period of sickness and health problems, I took very hard fall in our garage, tore my knee meniscus, and it never healed, much pain walking, walker and wheelchair. Then I badly cut my foot during hurricane, that healed at least. Then bronchitis, abscessed teeth, gum infections, never ended...Finally I melted down. I am older now with chronic pain so my recovery will probably take longer.

I wish more people would post too! I was disappointed no one responded too my chronic pain post. I will read your posts and try to help, if I can. Good luck to you and good luck and healing angels to us all!

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