Never Looked at Assertiveness Before

Respect yourself enough to stand up for yourself; your feelings, concerns, and opinions and ask for what you want. Also, learn how to say “no” without feeling guilty
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Never Looked at Assertiveness Before

Post by poetrob » Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:34 am

I have never looked at assertiveness before. I have learned about it before but not having
anything to do with anxiety and depression.

One of the exercises asks me to look at situations where more assertiveness is needed.
Only one came to mind.

My toxic relationship with my father. I think my relationship with him has a lot to do
with my anxiety and depression. Too much of the problem has to do with his lack
of understanding of my mental problems. All he does is criticize me and look for

It has reached the point where I have given up all hope of getting through to him.
Even being assertive doesn't help.

I have learned to be careful which battles I choose to fight. When the battle is one
where even if I win, I lose, it only makes depression or anxiety worse.

Why did I bother? Was I fool? I have been had, etc. I'll remember that next time.
Part of putting myself first is my mental health. I have to find a way to live my

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