Respect yourself enough to stand up for yourself; your feelings, concerns, and opinions and ask for what you want. Also, learn how to say “no” without feeling guilty
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Post by livelife » Wed May 25, 2011 10:49 pm

mcshope wrote:Hello everyone,

I really like this session. I know this is one that I have to work really hard on, being assertive is not something you learn in school ;) .
I have been quite busy, at the printshop we got a good amount of work, which is great!!!... however I have to spend more time there.
I took my class of Quickbooks, which I enjoyed a lot. I had a hard time getting there (as always), but once there I was a happy camper (go figure).... If I just could not have that anticipatory anxiety I would be great.... However I have been thinking that last year I was unable to leave the house and getting the mail every day was a challenge, I am doing pretty good, but I'll have to challenge myself a little more.
My stepson moved out, I feel this time is for good. I have been thinking a lot about the empty nest, on one side is great, however sometimes the house feels empty.

Paislee, How your appointment with the therapist went?....

Livelife, I have the CD in my car. I listen to it almost every day in my way to the printshop and back home.

I have to get back to work. I will check with you all later.
That's nice that you hear it everyday! :D good for you!

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Post by THH » Thu May 26, 2011 10:39 pm

Hi Everyone!
This lesson is still a W.O.W lesson. Even as many times as I have watched, listened, read, this is one of those that continues to amaze me as most of the time I find my answers in this lesson. I am a person who works at the cemetery and works back words! " Worstisizing" I am always amazed at how simple this all works when I do voice my opinion or except a compliment. It is also ok to put myself first at times. So many of my thoughts are knee jerk thoughts. I've done much better with this as I have had many opportunity to practice and I am making it a special area to pay attention to. I also think much of what I feel has been inflicted on myself, meaning I do it to my self. All the negative self talk!
I use the thought for the week: Perfectionism is a set-up for stress, a & d because it is an unrealistic expectation, which leads to disappointment. This helps me set myself up better so I don't have failure and depression. It is hard at times because life can come at you fast.

One other tip that rated high with me was "choose to turn anger off; it cannot co-exist with assertive behavior. This reminds me to speak about my feelings, not to just keep them inside. ;)

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Post by Paisleegreen » Thu May 26, 2011 10:45 pm

Good Job, Livelife! :D It is so hard to hold back...but you did it!

Hi Hope--It went well...we're or DH is going to talk to DS about seeing my DR for some therapy. I brought it up, and was more hoping for family therapy, not him individually, as that would cost more. And last year he went in to see the other Psychologist and that's when things all went a muck! This one I've been seeing with DH since last Fall, so we know he is good and he still wants to work with just DH and I.

I did have an anxiety moment today as I was about to work on my scrapbook room which I've been wanting to do for a long time. But now I need to prepare it for company in July. That means I have to be able to walk into it! :lol: It is basically organized but has had stuff put into it that needs to be looked at and put in order. Anyway, I had put a table downstairs where DS had cleared the room for himself and friends w/o me knowing. (you probably remember this story) Anyway, I had anticipatory anxiety b/c I was afraid of what DS would have to say when he saw that I put a folding table up and put stuff on it from the scrapbook room to sort through.

He is out of town working, but will be home in the wee hours of the morning. I was so stressed and anxious I actually called my Dr's office. Later, I was able to calm myself and use positive self talk and reasoning. Then called a friend and I was able to go into the scrapbook room and further my sorting. I still have some boxed in the hallway, but I can now walk into the room and was able to throw some stuff away, give some away and also gave some coloring books and toys immediately to my Grandchildren as they came by.

Now I have a few things I'm going to wash and then give away or keep. So Baby Steps...positive self talk...talking to someone all helped! I called the Dr's office back and told them I didn't need to have him call me. :) Paislee It also helped to eat something... ;)

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