hypochondria is rearing it's ugly head

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hypochondria is rearing it's ugly head

Post by shannluv28 » Thu Feb 16, 2012 4:52 pm

I am sitting in the doctor's office right now waiting fir the doctor because I have been getting sharp pains in my forehead for over a week now and tingling in my scalp. I know those of us with anxiety often times have weird bodily symptoms, but I am really scared. I am terrified that I could have something really serious like ms or a brain tumor. I am paying attention to every little body symptom and being hyper vigilant and just obsessing about it. I can't get it out of my head that something is wrong with me. Can anyone please, please help me, or give me any suggestions? :cry: Thank u :)

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Re: hypochondria is rearing it's ugly head

Post by NeverQuit » Sun Feb 19, 2012 3:42 pm

Hey there!
I have never had the health obsessions but I know that they are the same thing as OCD thoughts - the more you chase them, the worse they get.

When I am in an obsessive place, I try to remind myself that:
1. An obsessive, "What if...," OCD thought does NOT have an answer, that is why my brain wants to continue to chase it.
2. Positive thoughts are what I need to focus on, not negative thoughts. In this case, you could tell yourself, "I am a very sensitive person, this is just my anxiety. I am a very strong person, I can handle anything, I know what I need to do to calm myself down. I am going to focus on a task that will distract me from this thought. I am going to imagine myself putting this obsessive thought into a box, placing the box on a shelf, and I am going to tell myself that I am not going to open that box again for one week."
3. I have had many obsessive thoughts, and came through the obsessive time to see the ridiculousness of it. I am not going to take my obsessive thoughts seriously because they are irrational and are not true.

Know that MANY people have been in this same place, with these same obsessions, and are perfectly fine! You are not alone. It's not worth spending your time obsessing about anymore, try and get angry at the thoughts! Another great way to lift the cloud of OCD is to exercise - I find this so helpful in snapping me out of a funk.

Another thing that helps me in my obsessive times is to turn my obsessions over to God, to imagine myself placing them in His hands, allowing Him to take care of me. Trusting that He has my life in His hands and I can trust Him to work everything out for my good. If you are at all spiritual, I would encourage you to pray and turn your thoughts over to God, asking Him to give you His peace.

I will be praying for you! Don't worry, you will be fine!! It's just an obsessive time and you will come through it. :)

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Re: hypochondria is rearing it's ugly head

Post by LyndaLu » Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:37 am

Neverquit: Great advice !

When I had panic attacks / stress / anxiety I used to get migraine headaches.
They were terrible.
I don't get them any longer, and am I glad about that :)


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