Hope this helps, for a moment a feel normal.

Suffering from OCD? Post your history, experience, comments and/or suggestions
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Hope this helps, for a moment a feel normal.

Post by Imadeitsocanu » Tue Jul 30, 2013 5:51 pm

So I'm starting to post a bit more because with hope there's also the thought of fear, I'm not sure if I have ocd, obsessive scary thoughts, yes, my question and pretty much answer is that ocd are lies! I acknowledge that but why when were stuck do we feel the need to desperately have someone tell us that no, you will not act on your scary thought, you are not crazy and so forth. I have my days of scary thoughts and I try to ignore, seems like the more I invite them in the less they come out. The reason is because we have made a mountain of a mole. We couldn't address the scary thought as just that we had to put some meaning behind it And of course some truth (we're good people) ocd I have Learned through trying to educate myself are lies and I see them as just that! But why do they feel so real? Because th fear is real!!!!!! The fear of whatever your scary thought is real! Who wouldn't be scared of losing their mind, hurting yourself, harming a loved one, falling out of love, fearing mental illness, fearing innaproriate actions, fearing a deadly disease. It's all very real fear! I have soo much to learn still but I notice my patterns, I'm a very positive person when I'm happy and feel at peace. When were depressed we feed ourselves garbage, we don't feel happy, we want so much to not be who we are when we're depressed. I read somewhere that you can't feel happy when depressed, so how can you feel loved, blessed, or happy when your anxious. I have learned that I need to get up and keep my normal routine to feel some sense of control. Try very hard to keep your normal routine. my husband tells me to get out of the bubble. when i envision myself out of the bubble, i get so scared but i gain confidence, might be just a bit but it starts the positivity in my brain and then ofcourse i love that feeling so it makes me not want to look bacck just forward! try Spend time with family, friends and those who build you up not bring you down. We can't fix other people right nowwe need to work on ourselves. For those of you who have a support system like a husband, wife , best friend someone's who supports you and believes in you, appreciate them. Those people also put in extra hard work for us I'm our moments of "crisis". We have so much to live for that when our brain locks we lose focus, we all deserve to be happy. I've gotten on my knees asking for god to take this away, of course i believe he gives us these opportunities and growth spurts to be stronger. For those of us who have anxiety and depression, I believe we are the strongest!! We deal with much more than those that don't suffer from these temporary set backs! We are strongest in mind even though we might not believe it at times but look at how much we put ourselves through. I write this be ause years ago I wrote and I couldn't recognize the person who wrote it, we can all have set backs and be okay, it takes time. My husband tells me get up and do something and do things you enjoy. Keep your mind busy and distract yourself. Just do it! You'll thank yourself when you feel a sense of relief even if its just a moment.

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Re: Hope this helps, for a moment a feel normal.

Post by coach21 » Wed Jul 31, 2013 12:05 pm

Hey Imadeitsocanu,

Great post. Scary thoughts of which you described were one of my more challenging symptoms of anxiety. I learned through growth spurts that my goal isn't elimination of the thoughts; it's elimination of the anxiety, fear, depression and frustration asociated with these thoughts. I learned through my growth spurts that I'm not immune to my old ways of reacting to these thoughts. Especially during times of unmanaged stress. I've also found through being employed as a coach of the StressCenter.com that this is a very common symptom of anxiety and all humans get weird obscure thoughts. We just got into the habit of reacting irrationally to these thoughts inserting question marks where God put periods. Keep up the great work and e-mail anytime for support through this site or directly at mikesc21@hotmail.com. God bless.

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