Anyone Fought this OCD battle? marijuana provoked anxiet

Suffering from OCD? Post your history, experience, comments and/or suggestions
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Anyone Fought this OCD battle? marijuana provoked anxiet

Post by eb1ainecloud » Fri Mar 20, 2015 12:21 pm

I've struggled with OCD scary thoughts for maybe 15 years. I had no idea what I was fighting for a long time until I got the AAAD program 8 years ago and it really helped me. For the last 7 I've been doing good though. Some hard times but overall really pretty happy.

About 1 month I decided to try marijuana where it is legalized in Washington. I've never used a drug recreationally in my life and I've used alchohol very little. I'm not into this stuff at all - Im a researcher though and I told myself I wanted to know about this drug so I could make a decision about its future legalization.

I had to much and It gave me the worst panic attack I've ever had in my life that lasted for about 3 hours and for the last month since I've been so depressed an anxious. Feeling spacy, difficult to focus, sensitive to noise, all all sorts of various fears about loved ones, hurting myself, etc etc I'm constantly focusing on my brain symptoms.... I've had panic attacks driving a car and in small rooms, in church. I've been worse than I've ever been. Its been a month and I'm still struggling with this every day and my life is so hard right now. Can anyone encourage me in this. I've started the program again and on week 2 so far and have found a counselor but I've gone through times feeling really hopeless that I ruined my life/mind forever.

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Re: Anyone Fought this OCD battle? marijuana provoked anxiet

Post by Holly J » Thu Apr 07, 2016 3:49 pm

Hey. Yes I have totally dealt with that! Years ago I smoked pot at a friend and I was driving back home and it hit me in the middle of driving. I was freaking. Out. I thought I was going to forget how to drive and not make it home. After that I was so anxious and depressed. Same as you with the scary obsessive thoughts and hopelessness. I said I would never take pit again! For people like us pit can make us anxious and stir up stuff. Right now you're just hyper aware and your nerves are shot. You're not hopeless. I went through the same thing. I came on here today after years of not being on here because I just got a bad panic attack. I had a thought in my head what if I killed someone and than I felt like I was going crazy and like I can't control myself. Anxiety blows. But you will get through this. Do you take any medication?

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