Tough one to get by!!!

Don't let a setback discourage you, face the challenge and come out stronger for it. Celebrate your successes and be open to all of new opportunities that are about to come into your life.
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Post by jerry438 » Tue Sep 29, 2009 3:01 pm

I completed the program 2 weeks ago and was doing great I have had growth spurts but was able to get through them, but this one took the wind out of me and having trouble getting back on course.
Depression took my relationship away with now my X wife and all I wanted was to regain what I have lost with her but found out there was too much damage done she does not want to go through the roller coaster ride as she put it again. I am having trouble excepting it but i can't change it and feeling very lonley don't know what to do. Can't beleive I am putting my feelings on the board, but I want to get through this and you guys are all I have. Everyone has deserted me because of the depression and anxiety I have come a long way and was feeling great but I don't have any friends to talk to I need sugesstions on where is a good place to start to meet people and begin friendships. This really sounds stupid saying this for someone of my age (58)but I have no where else to turn to.


Post by Guest » Wed Sep 30, 2009 3:59 pm

Just pray to God that he sends someone into your life that can deal with the anxiety.

You'll be fine. Do the things you love to do. That way you're relaxing and having fun, and if you happen to meet someone there, you'll know you both have something in common. Do you go to church, museums, lectures, movies, work, plays? You can meet people just about anywhere.

I'm a talkative person so I meet people everywhere. LOL

When you're out, and you see someone nice, just say "hi", and take it from there. Are you shy? If so, approaching people may be difficult.

Don't go to clubs or bars. You won't like what you get.


Post by Guest » Thu Oct 01, 2009 6:35 am

Hi Jerry, I am glad that you turned to the boards for support, you will find it here. All of us have dealth with anxiety and depression for varying lengths of time and to various degrees. What is really important to know is 1) You are a survivor. You have managed to get through life dealing with this condition, BUT, now you will do more than just get through. It is true what Lucinda says on the tapes...these are life skills you are learning, and they DO work. It does'nt mean you won't have difficult times, but keep applying the skills...they DO WORK. 2) Heal this disorder for your self. In time God will send you who you need to help you on your journey, but for now, you need to do it for you so you can own it, and your healing will not be dependent upon someone else, but yourself. 3) Ask the Mid-West Center for a recommendation for a good therapist in your area who is skilled in helping people with these conditions. You can do this, you can and will heal from this :) Take care and God Bless


Post by Guest » Sun Oct 11, 2009 6:30 pm

Hey Jerry,
Have you tried Christan I have heard that they have a great reputation and have had a high success rate!!!

I pray this helps you, since, it must be horrible to feel soooo lonely!!!

I pray God Blesses you to find the right one!!!

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