Week one questions

You will gain an understanding of the causes of anxiety and depression as well as some of the background traits, personality traits, and physical symptoms.
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Week one questions

Post by tofino » Mon Jul 25, 2011 12:28 pm

HI there,
I am starting this program as a new approach to learning how to change my pattern of thinking, off SSRI medication, and taking naturopathic remedies. I would say since I started the remedies I feel about 40-60% more calm and able to think, I have finished week 1 and i AM BEGINNING WEEK 2.
It was reassuring to me that there were many people that have similar fears that I have ie; going crazy, fear of harming myself or others. Although I find my anxiety this week has peeked, but I wonder if it is because I am starting my cycle-that always seems to throw me into a tail spin for a few days.
I am feeling guilty trying to complete these sessions entirely while I run a household and organize my family-but I realize that I need these skills to help me stay calm and better prepared for what life throws my way. I recently read a quote that hit home..."life is what happens while you are making other plans" that is what my thought are like to me...when I least expect it, a scary or irrational fear or thought grips me and makes me feel horrible. I look forward to the day I can use my protective positive thoughts to combat this way of thinking.
Isn't it aweful to be so scared of your own thoughts?
I am taking this course as it comes and although I plan to follow the schedule, I realize that some weeks I may need to go back to this week to keep myself in check...I cannot be superwoman ANYMORE.
I wish everyone in this program all the best of luck because I am certain there is light at the end of this program.

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Re: Week one questions

Post by candid » Mon Jul 25, 2011 1:41 pm

Hi, I received my materials last Wednesday. I was so excited to see the box, however when I opened it and leafed through the workbook, my eyes saw the words " do you feel embarassed". I started crying because those words are huge for me. That is exactly how I feel, especially around my friends. That evening I started lesson 1 and began to learn how many more symptoms I had that I did not realize were part of anxiety. The last few days have been rough due to the loss of a loved one. Today I had to use my skills while dealing with a rude retail clerk. I need to keep my attitude in check too.

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Re: Week one questions

Post by n2stc » Thu May 01, 2014 8:48 pm

Isn't it funny how coming across a phrase like that causes tears? I had the same response to some of the material which hit home. All the best on your journey.

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